Our personal fitness training provides you with a well-rounded program that focuses on your specific goals and needs. We utilize the most up-to-date technology such as MYZONE Heart Rate Monitors and InBody Composition Scans with our programming to ensure results. 

FASTER Training focuses on:

    • Body Fat Reduction

    • Core Strength Improvement

    • Upper and Lower Body Strength Improvement

    • Better Cardiovascular Health

    • Personal Goals

    • Toning

    • Stretching

    • Nutritional Guidance

Each client completes a Free Starting Point Session to assess goals, discuss history and develop a program specific for their goals! 


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 At FASTER, we offer more than personal fitness training sessions; our services extend to fitness classes that fit the needs of all ability levels. All classes are one hour in length, conveniently scheduled throughout the day and directed by knowledgeable, experienced, certified trainers. Our classes provide a platform for individualized training in a motivating group setting. 

    • COMBAT CARDIO is a high energy combination class of boxing, kickboxing, core and cardio. Learn the basics of boxing and kickboxing, while elevating your heart rate and burning fat! This format is perfect for beginners or experienced boxers as well as those new to fitness or regular exerciser. Each client can push themselves to their personal best and have fun along the way!

    • ENHANCED FUNCTIONAL EXERCISE (EFX) is a high energy circuit-type workout that includes various stations of core, plyometric, resistance and cardio exercises. All stations can be modified or intensified to meet your needs and each class is taught by a certified trainer. This safe and challenging class creates EPOC (Excess Post Oxygen Consumption) and helps to burn fat up to 48 hours post workout.

    • METABOLIC FUNCTIONAL EXERCISE (MFX) is a fun and exciting workout that amplifies the benefits of metabolic strength training so that you not only burn calories during exercise, but also for 12-24 hours AFTER exercise (afterburn). This high intensity metabolic workout will increase your energy consumption post exercise, which leads to a higher resting metabolic rate (EPOC). Each class can be modified or intensified to meet anyone's needs.

    • Q:30 - The most up to date fitness studies out of Harvard show that training 30 seconds on with at least a 1:1 work to rest ratio is burning the most fat and can be effectively done in a 30 minute window - Q:30 is putting that study into play! Complete a high intensity exercise for 30 seconds on followed by 30 seconds off for a 1:1 work ratio and burn fat in this 30 minute class!

    • KAM JAMZ is an intense hip hop cardio POWER hour. This unique format combines sporty athletic drills with very basic dance moves. You'll be having so much fun that you'll forget you are working out.


FASTER goes Virtual! Whether you've been to FASTER or have always wanted to try our services, now you can do so in the comfort of your own home!!

Enjoy our Personal Training Sessions, Hiit Classes and Accountability online. No equipment needed! Programs can be modified or intensified as needed and fit any level of fitness!

Program includes:

    • Unlimited Personal Training Sessions
    • Unlimited Group Fitness Classes
    • Real Coaching from our Team of Certified/Experienced Trainers
    • Accountability, Fun, and a Community of Great People



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In all, it’s “Real People, Getting Real Results”!



Our athlete performance program includes customized training by a highly qualified trainer with a focus kept on the individual athlete’s goals. All programs include XPE training methodologies, the preferred training by elite athletes everywhere and can be applied to athletes as young as 12 all the way to professional athletes. Programs are developed specific to the athlete’s needs, which are determined in the functional movement evaluation. 

Athlete Performance Training Targets:

    • Linear and multi-directional speed development
    • Agility and first step quickness
    • Effective weight/strength training
    • Proper jumping techniques
    • Active recovery for increased conditioning
    • Dynamic warm up and activation
    • Static and rotational core training
    • Explosive power training in all planes of motion
    • Sport specific drills
    • Sound nutritional habits