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One-Stop Shopping for all of your FITNESS and ATHLETE PERFORMANCE Training

FASTER LLC, located in Robinson Township, PA opened for business in April 2007.  The center, located near Settlers Ridge, one of Pittsburgh’s fastest growing communities has experienced a steady increase in demand for its services.
Jason “Coach” DeRose, a personal trainer and certified health and wellness expert, has created a unique one-stop shopping facility complete with all of your fitness and athletic performance training needs. The customized athletic performance training and fitness sessions all utilize state-of-the-art equipment unique to the region.  Advantages include intensified training sessions with a focus on injury prevention and accelerated results.
The innovative offerings, such as, group fitness classes, personalized athletic performance training, combine training, speed training, boot camps, and weight loss challenge programs are all second to none with the inclusion of high-speed treadmills, vibration plates, and other cutting-edge equipment.
FASTER - Fitness and Sports Training Enhanced Results
The overwhelming success experienced by clients, coupled with the center’s team of certified professionals, have drawn immediate success to the business.  Our client base continues to build as our wide-variety of programs can be custom-tailored to meet the needs of each individual.
  Unweighted Treadmills – Unweighted treadmill training is a method of supporting the body to facilitate walking and/or running patterns in the forward, backwards, and lateral directions while remaining in a full functional upright position.  Unweighted high speed treadmill training improves the neuromuscular system and speed of athletes.  It is also an effective solution for clients with conditions that affect their knees, ankles, and back by improving gait, balance, and posture.  

Vibration – Whole body vibration has many benefits when used in conjunction with well-developed fitness or training program.  Vibration can enhance muscle fiber firing patterns, core strength, flexibility, stability, and range of motion, which can lead to an increase in metabolism and blood circulation.  Additionally, vibration is extremely effective in injury prevention.

Enhanced Results- Our training programs are designed to make athletes faster, more explosive, and less prone to injury, whereas our fitness clients will experience increased lean body mass, flexibility, and targeted weight loss.  Our unique equipment paired with our cutting edge training programs give all of our clients the ability to "Get Better, FASTER"!
  Nutrition – Health supplements including protein shakes, nutritional bars, recovery drinks, and weight loss products are available.  We carry the very best, most effective products that aid in any fitness or training regimen.  
  Children – Our youth training program called Quix is designed to teach children in grades K - 4 proper running, sprinting, and exercise techniques. Kids will drastically enhance their core strength, which allows for enhanced athleticism and maturation. Kids will drastically enhance their core strength, which allows for enhanced athleticism and maturation. The class structure begins with agility and sprint training and is followed by power, strength, and core movements. This will increase muscular strength concentrically, isometrically, and eccentrically; each one of these muscular functions can help decrease the likelihood of injury.  Implementing a supervised proper training regimen at a young age improves a child’s core stability and joint integrity, ultimately leading to increased athleticism and confidence.  QUIX keeps the kids in constant motion, while providing a platform to succeed and have fun.  Each participant will learn how to properly exercise, improve athleticism, work hard, and have fun.  
We can help athletes significantly improve overall athleticism, agility, balance, flexibility, and endurance. Through teaching of proper mechanics, we can increase lateral and multi-directional speed as well as first-step quickness and acceleration speed. Our goal is to improve core and overall body strength, and injury prevention. At FASTER, we focus on developing proper running skills to improve speed, strengthen ligaments, tendons and bones by incorporating powerful athletic movements which ultimately help to enhance jumping/landing skills as well.

FASTER - Fitness and Sports Training Enhanced Results

Remember when you were athletic and playing sports while in the best shape of your life? We want you to feel like that again. If you're bored with the same old workout routines and getting the same depressing results, FASTER offers a broad spectrum of group, personal and challenge-based training regimens. We get you out of the ordinary and back in to the way you used to feel.
FASTER - Fitness and Sports Training Enhanced Results



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