Being Healthy in the Busy World We Live In: Meal prepping to save time and avoid temptation

As we have discussed many times nutrition plays a huge role in fitness. Without eating right and properly fueling your body it is impossible to work at your best. Avoiding temptation of bad foods can be made easier through meal prepping.

With meal prepping you can prepare all of your meals for the week at one time. This will give you a game plan for meals and make it easy to stick to healthy decisions. When your meals are prepared ahead of time you take the guess work out of nutrition. A well laid out plan will allow you to avoid last minute fast food stops or snacking temptations. Having meals prepared ahead of time will save you time throughout all of your day. Your lunches for work or school are ready to go and already established, you come home to a dinner that needs minimal effort to be ready. Spending one morning or afternoon planning out and preparing all of you food for the week will only take a few hours and save you many hours throughout the week.

What about meals that we are eating out? While you can’t prepare every meal that you will be eating you can still follow a preparation routine that will help you stick to good nutrition decisions. If you know you will be eating out be sure to look at the menu prior to arrival to the restaurant. Studying the menu and picking a healthy option prior to being at the restaurant will allow you to commit to a healthy decision and not give into extreme hunger and temptation. Know exactly what you want to eat and want to avoid in order to keep your nutrition goals on track.

Temptation is all around us and the unhealthy options are most often the easiest options to get a hold of. Sticking to a prepared meal plan will help you stay on task, perform at your best and crush your fitness and nutrition goals. Making sure that you have a plan for each meal of each day will increase your chances of a successful healthy eating day!

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